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Officers (terms expire Dec-2024)

President Jim Alverson  336-342-5573
Vice President Wayne Brower 336-349-6960
Secretary Lil Alverson 336-342-5573
Treasurer Charlie Sikes 336-265-8642




Terms expire Dec-2022
Director Dave Boisvert 336-394-3839
Director Freddy Redmon 336-601-4297
Director Dwayne Thomas 336-635-7475
Terms expire Dec-2023
Director Clem Ellis 336-375-0575
Director Brian Henderson 336-558-6945
Director Bert Schmitz 336-414-9260
Terms expire Dec-2024
Director Jimmy Jeffries 336-613-0408
Director Mike Hatfield 336-589-4108
Director Steve Morgan 336-292-6498



Range Chairmen and Program Directors

New Memberships Bert Schmitz 336-414-9260
Pistol & Utility Pits Open    
Rifle Roy Darnell 336-276-9251
Highpower Rifle Ken Hyatt 336-501-6406
Rimfire & Plinking Pit Jeffrey Gonzalez 336-637-6517
Skeet Mike Hatfield 336-589-4108
Trap Lane Murray 336-314-6760
Website Lil Alverson 336-342-5573
Equipment Maintenance Jimmy Jeffries 336-613-0408
Skeet Equipment Ricky Allen 336-342-4069
Mike Hatfield 336-939-3724
Trap Equipment Lane Murray 336-314-6760
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