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200-yard Range

Eye and Ear protection is REQUIRED

  • It is OK to shoot rimfire rifles on this range but you must place your targets on the 100 or 200 yard target boards which are provided
  • No movable or interim targets are allowed
  • All firing must be done from the firing line. The muzzle of your gun must extend just past the front edge of the benches.
  • No centerfire rifles based on the .50 caliber BMG are allowed
  • When a shooter needs to go downrange in front of the firing line for any reason, all shooters must open the actions on their rifles. When someone is downrange in front of the firing line, no one may handle any firearm. The range has a string of red lights which should be turned on when someone goes downrange and turned off when it is safe to shoot. Shooting may resume only when everyone is safely behind the firing line and the red lights are off.
  • Shoot only at targets which are directly in front of you. No firing cross-range.
  • If you use the Rifle Range golf cart, please return it to its shelter and follow the printed instructions to recharge it.
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