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Pistol Pits

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Eye and Ear protection is REQUIRED

On the bullet side of the Club, the first three pits on the right, numbered 1, 2, & 3, are for any firearm shooting rimfire or pistol caliber centerfire ammunition.  No bottleneck cartridges are allowed except 357-Sig. 

Shoot only at targets placed directly in front of you. No firing cross-range.

A steel Torso target has been installed in the first pistol pit. Also installed is an orange stake at 10 yards from the target. The stake marks the recommended firing line. To avoid the possibility of serious injury from spall, DO NOT shoot at any of the metal targets from distances closer than 30 feet.

You must pick-up your spent cartridge cases. Place them in the buckets. If you do not want yours, there are others who will be happy to get them. This includes aluminum and steel.

You must remove your targets. Place them in the trash, or directly in a dumpster if they are large targets.

Spall from shooting metal targets

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