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CMP Highpower Rifle Matches

Match Director: Ken Hyatt,, 336-501-6406    

Upcoming events

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder that we have a CMP Highpower Rifle match occurring on the first Saturday of every month, March thru October.   You may choose to fire at either 100 yard or 200 yard NRA bullseye targets.  The course of fire consists of three stages:

  1. Prone Slowfire; five sighting shots and ten shots for record in a time limit of fifteen minutes (single load only).
  2. Prone Rapidfire; ten shots for record in a time limit of eighty seconds with a mandatory magazine change.
  3. Standing Slowfire; ten shots for record in a time limit of ten minutes fired offhand (single load only).

Any Military type "Service Rifle" in good condition is eligible with any sights: metallic or optic i.e. with or without a scope. You will need thirty-five rounds of ammunition and there are no alibis or re-fires for any reason.

Registration begins at 9 AM, there is a mandatory safety briefing at 9:30 AM. Live fire commences at 10 AM sharp.

Anyone may shoot. Members $10. Non-members $15.  Shooters under 21 shoot for free.

At the conclusion of every match we will conduct a Highpower Rifle training and coaching session for shooters from novice to expert. You do NOT need to fire the match to attend.

I have not figured out a way to safely convene the match while allowing other shooters to use the rifle range so for the time being the range will be confined to the highpower match from 10:00 AM until noon.

Call, text or email me directly with any questions:

Ken Hyatt   336-501-6406

Any modern military service rifle is allowed - bolt action or semi-auto.

M1, M1A, AR15, M1 carbine, 1903/03A3, Mosin Nagant, 6.5 Swedish etc. I’m sure almost all of you have one so make plans to join us.

There is a mandatory magazine change in the rapid fire stage with 2 then 8 rounds or 5 and 5 in a bolt action rifle.

The CMP Highpower Rifle Competition Rules can be found here:

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