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PISTOL RANGE PROTOCOL – The formal Rifle matches and the Skeet and Trap Ranges have established protocols for proper shooter interaction. The Pistol Range, including the Utility Pit have no fixed firing line. Consequently, shooting protocols are more necessary to ensure that members are able to enjoy shooting SAFELY. This is to clarify proper range etiquette.

  1. Shooters on all bullet ranges must fire straight at their targets. Never fire across lanes.

  2. The first member to enter a pit gets two choices. He gets to choose the lane he will use. And, more importantly he gets to choose the firing line.

  3. Another member entering an occupied pit MUST wait until the first shooter reaches a stopping point, and then he should make his presence known and introduce himself. If the existing shooter decides that he does not want to shoot at the same time as the newcomer, then a compromise should be reached. Take turns and fire alternately. If this is not acceptable to either of them, then the second member must refrain from shooting until the shooting member quits the range. Being the first shooter in a pit does not give you the right to monopolize the range, or deny other members the use of the open shooting lanes.

  4. If you join other shooters to use a range simultaneously, all lanes must use the same firing line. It is a very serious safety violation to shoot from different firing lines. Never fire a weapon from a position that is behind another shooter.

Range courtesy is a necessity. It is required by our member’s Pledge, our Code of Conduct, and is the foundation of good sportsmanship. Be Safe. Be Considerate.


Have Fun.

Jim   February 2019

Our Club grounds have suffered through storms, drought and heavy rains this season. Our members, however, have shown that they are up to the challenge of Saturday Workdays.  In between Workdays we see relatively little mowing and trimming, except for that done by a very few members. If you've missed Workdays, feel free to use the Club's grass-shortening equipment. Otherwise, the Board may be forced to look at paying contract maintenance.

If the electric gate at the main entrance is working, please don't bother with the manual gate. Use the electric gate.


Good Shooting,

Jim   August 2017

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