Range Directors:
                Bob Yerkes                      bob.y@rcgc.club                  336-342-5074

                Dennis Brame                                                                    336-342-3510


Eye and Hearing protection are REQUIRED.

Rimfire is a type of firearm cartridge. It is called rimfire because the pin strikes the rim of the base. Examples include .17, .22 short, and .22 long. Rimfire cartridges are limited to low pressure calibers because they require a thin case so that the firing pin can crush the rim and ignite the primer.

The Rimfire Range is clearly marked with a large sign outlining the club rules for its use. Only rimfire rifles and pistols (.17 and .22) are permitted on the Rimfire Range.

      RIMFIRE AMMO Perfect for this range.               CENTERFIRE AMMO Not allowed here.  

You may not shoot any centerfire guns on the Rimfire Range. This means NO centerfire rifles, pistols, shotguns, or black powder guns. The Utility Pit to the right of the Rimfire Range was constructed to accomodate these centerfire guns.


Anyone found shooting centerfire guns on the Rimfire Range is subject to suspension or expulsion from RCGC.


BB and air guns ARE allowed on the Rimfire Range.


The new reactive targets are to be shot with .22s ONLY.  We cannot continue to replace them if they are destroyed.


The Plinking Pit, immediately to the right side of the Rimfire Range, is for .22s ONLY.


Place all spent cartridge cases in the buckets provided. If you do not want yours, there are others who will be happy to get them.

Rimfire matches are cheap fun with a nice group of people. First timers will get all the help they need. Check it out! On match days, the Rimfire Range is closed to shooters not participating in the match until the match is finished.

Matches are held the 2nd Saturday of each month beginning at 8:00AM.
Entry Fee $7 for members and $10 for non-members.




February 11th Winners

Unlimited Class:  1st Jeff Miller, 2nd Olivia Williams (14 yrs. old), 3rd Dale Avery.

Top Factory:         1st Danny Gunn, 2nd Mark Spoon, 3rd Jerry Reeves.
Factory Target:    1st Richard Smith, 2nd Dennis Campbell, 3rd Rob Springer.  

Factory Class:     1st Bob Yerkes, 2nd Jon Shepherd, 3rd Skip Gunn.

Limited Factory: 1st Don Idler, 2nd Leslie Harrington. 

    The public is welcome to participate in any of the Club's matches.

The trophies for the top 3 in each class for the year are presented at the February match.


Range Director Bob Yerkes shows his shooting form. Come out and try shooting one of these matches. You don't need an expensive rifle. Bob has a class for every shooter. It's big fun for little money!

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