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Eye protection and Hearing protection are REQUIRED.


2019 Shoot Schedule - Mar. 1st (100yds.), Apr.6 th (200yds.), May 4th (100yds.), June 1st (200yds.), July 6th (100yds.), Aug. 3rd (200yds.), Sept 7th (100yds.), and Oct. 5th (200yds.).



The CMP will sponsor the "Eastern CMP Games" a full week of competition at The National Guard facility in Butner, NC in May. Our match is a great way to get tuned up.

Sign-up will begin at 9AM with the safety briefing at 9:30AM and first shot downrange at 10:00 AM sharp. This match is open to the public as well as RCGC members. The range fee is $10.00 for members and $15 for non-members.  I have not figured out a way to safely convene the match while allowing other shooters to use the rifle range so for the time being the range will be confined to the highpower match from 10:00 AM until noon.


Any modern military service rifle is allowed - bolt action or semi-auto.
M1, M1A, AR15, M1 carbine, 03/03A3, Mosin Nagant, 6.5 Swedish etc. I’m sure almost all of you have one so make plans to join us.
There is a mandatory magazine change in the rapid fire stage with 2 then 8 rounds or 5 and 5 in a bolt action rifle.


We will shoot the CMP Trophy Match as found here:


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