Centerfire Rifle

Range Director / Score Matches:


                         Roy Darnell                      336-276-9251    

                            Gary Hendrix                  434-250-4989



Eye protection and Hearing protection are REQUIRED.


It is OK to shoot rimfire rifles on this range but you must place your targets on the 100 or 200 yard target boards which are provided. No movable or interim targets are allowed. Pistol Caliber Carbines (which are prohibited on Pistol Pits 1, 2 and 3,) may be fired on this range. All firing must be done from the firing line. The muzzle of your gun must extend just past the front edge of the benches.


2021 Centerfire Score Match (Fun Shoot) Schedule


Monthly Centerfire Score Matches are held on the 4th Saturday of the month, March - October, from 9:00 'til 2:00PM. Some benches will remain open to members not participating in the matches. Help will be available with sighting-in if you need it. This year the matches will be on:

Mar. 27 (100yds.), Apr. 24 (200yds), May 22 (100yds), Jun. 26 (200yds),

Jul. 24 (100yds), Aug. 28 (200yds), Sept. 25 (100yds), and Oct. 23(200yds).


These are Club Fun Shoots to test your skill against other shooters. We shoot in four classes: 

Factory Rifle 
        1.   Must have factory stock and barrel
        2.   Bedding and recrowning allowed
        3.   Aftermarket triggers may be used
        4.   No other modifications allowed
        5.   No forend stabilizers or plates allowed
        6.   No factory 3" wide stocks unless shot from a bipod

Modified Rifle 
  1.   No custom actions
       2.   Stock may not be wider than 2.25” 
unless shot from a bipod
       3.   No caliber restrictions
       4.   No fore-end stabilizers or plates allowed


Benchrest Class VFS (Varmint For Score) 
       1.   Anything that doesn’t fit in above classes


Awards for top score in each class. Snacks provided. Entry fee: $10 for members, $15 for non-members.  Competitors who shoot in at least six matches will qualify for a grand prize trophy at the end of the season. If you have any questions call: Roy Darnell.

FAQ: "Is the match only for benchrest shooters?" Meaning can only people with full blown benchrest rifles compete? No, these Club Fun Shoots are open to everyone. So bring your stock factory gun out and shoot with us. It's all about shooting and having a good time. These are not registered shoots. Generally speaking most people start out in Factory class. If there is enough interest we could hold a introductory class into score benchrest shooting.


If you use the Rifle Range golf cart, please return it to its shelter and follow the printed instructions to recharge it.

Steve Spalding and his 6 ft., 65 lb. Over-the-Log Muzzleloader.

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