Centerfire Pistol

Range Director:



Eye protection and Hearing protection are REQUIRED.



On the BULLET SIDE of the CLUB, the first three pits on the right, numbered 1, 2, & 3, are for CENTERFIRE PISTOLS ONLY. NO rimfire pistols, NO rifles and NO hand guns firing rifle cartridges are allowed in the 3 pistol pits. Rimfire weapons must use the Rimfire Range.

  You may shoot PCCs in the Utility Pit and on the Centerfire Rifle Range.  

A centerfire cartridge is a cartridge with a primer located in the center of the cartridge case head. Unlike rimfire cartridges, the primer is a separate and replaceable component.

Shoot only at targets placed directly in front of you. No firing cross-range.

A steel Torso target has been installed in the first pistol pit. Also installed is an orange stake at 10 yards from the target. The stake marks the recommended firing line. To avoid the possibility of serious injury from richochettes, DO NOT shoot at any of the metal targets from distances closer than 30 feet.


You must pick-up your spent cartridge cases. Place them in the buckets. If you do not want yours, there are others who will be happy to get them. This includes aluminum and steel.


You must remove your targets. Place them in the trash, or directly in a dumpster if they are large targets. 


Click here for video instruction on shooting the Torso target, improving your accuracy and time.
Click here to watch a shooter tackle the Texas Star.

Click here to watch a video clip on how to use and empty the brass baskets.


FREE Classes for Beginning Pistol Shooters

FREE Ladies-ONLY Pistol Classes
FREE Classes in Competition Pistol


Concealed Carry Classes


See details about the current classes on the Special Events page.



Pistol matches are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, "WEATHER PERMITTING". Check the website for an announcement before you head to the Club. Bring your gun UNLOADED to the range.



Eligibility: Open everyone. Cost: for members $15. Guests $20. Match Rules: All RCGC range rules apply. We run a cold range with competitors assisting with pasting, resetting targets and scoring. Equipment: We encourage all competitors to shoot what they would carry. Magazines will not be loaded beyond 10 rounds unless otherwise stated. You may shoot any factory produced semi automatic handgun or revolver available to the public. The minimum caliber is .38/9mm. All handguns must be carried in a safe holster worn on the belt. It is recommended you wear your holster and magazines even with or behind the centerline of your body. Magazines are limited to the number you can carry on your belt. Scoring: IDPA style. Course of Fire: We typically will have 4 to 6 stages that will require 6 to 25 rounds each. An explanation of each course of fire will be provided at the beginning of each match.

The Plinking Pit is CLOSED during the Pistol Competitions and will serve as the No-Ammo/Safety Zone.

Since RCGC is a not-for-profit club, we are only as good as the volunteers who dedicate their time for the benefit of all. If you have a special skill (welding, accounting, sick mind for stage designs) or time to help out with match set up, scoring, maintenance, etc. please consider doing so. The matches will continue to improve and the efforts of those helping will be reduced as more help.
Tony Mitchell


Praise for Pistol Matches

"I have been attending the (pistol) matches since 2007 and I look forward to them like a monthly Christmas! Irvin, Tony, and Travis are all competent and friendly. They help and encourage the newcomers and the veterans so that all have a great time. I know I speak for many of the shooters when I say THANK YOU! for providing this event for us."


More Praise for Pistol Matches and Classes

Subject: Competition Pistol Class 


Just wanted to let you know I attended the Competition Pistol Class this past weekend and it was a great event. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful (and also very patient with us beginners). It gave me a much better understanding of what to expect when I attend a shooting event at the Club.

Addison Maille


Subject: BUG Shoot 
Dear Lil,
I wanted to let you and the Board Members know what a great experience the BUG Shoot at the Pistol Range was today. Irvin Earles and the entire crew did a great job.

I started shooting competitively 40 years ago and not only enjoyed the shooting, but the camaraderie with the men and women at the range. My time at the range growing up taught me a great deal. I wanted my son, now 12, to experience what I did so many years ago, the desire to compete within himself, sportsmanship, discipline, and how to respect and help others. I took him to his first competition at RCGC today and I have to say, his experience may well have been better than my first one. Everyone at the range took the time to encourage him, offer pointers,
and above all they were patient, especially Irvin and the RSOs. Chase had a great time and is already talking about the next completion. We will be there.

I am shotgunner at heart and know virtually nothing about pistol shooting. Chase and I went to one of the monthly pistols shoots back in September to watch and see what we could learn. Irvin and the guys at the shoot were very helpful in directing me in what equipment he would need and making Chase feel welcome. It is small wonder that the pistol shoots are well attended. Both of my experiences were terrific and I wanted to share that with you. The Club has some real assets in the pistol crew. They really make novices feel welcome and run a safe, fun, efficient shoot. What more could you want?

Please feel free to share this email or to use it to encourage others to attend the monthly shoots at the Club.
Best regards,
Charlie Roberson


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