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Be aware that NC law requires either a permit to purchase issued by your County Sheriff or a NC Concealed Carry Permit in order to transfer ownership of a handgun.


Club Members, If you would like to post an item in the Shooter's Corner, contact Lil. Ads may be up to 100 words and two photos. Photos should be sent as attached files. Your contact information should be an email address. For your security I prefer not to publish home phone numbers. Ads will run for 6 months. If your item has sold, please contact me to remove the ad.    


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FOR SALE: Target Shooting Model 1200 Rest - As-New condition, with 7 additional Protektor bags. Rest MSRP $769, bags list for $171, totaling $940.

$600 firm for all. Contact:    120620



FOR SALE: 6 NEW FactorySig Sauer Magazines - MAG-MOD-F-45-10  Fit: Sig Sauer P320/P250   Caliber: .45acp    Capacity: 10-Round   Finish: Black   Body Material: Steel Base pad: Polymer   *Will fit in compact but will not sit flush*  
$200 for all 6   Contact:    111320




FOR SALE: Saiga 12 Gauge semi-auto shotgun magazines - NEW.   One 20 round ProMag drum magazine and one 10 round SGM Tactical magazine. 
$75 for both   Contact:  111320







FOR SALE: Sig Sauer P250, P320 Grip Module, 45 ACP Full Size, Small Grip, Black - 10 round mags fit this. $25   
Contact:       111320


FOR SALE:  RARE, Matching, Underwood/Singer M1 Carbine .30 Cal. Semi-Auto.  This 1943 M1 is a rare find with its genuine, WWII, historic finish on original stock, barrel and receiver parts due to the limited 25,000 Singer receivers made and matching original manufacturer stamps on the component parts. For photos, details, price and seller info, click the PDF Link below.     100320

Adobe Acrobat document [4.1 MB]

FOR SALE: M1 Garand - High End Competition Rifle - 308 Winchester modified by Clint Fowler, one of the top M1 Gunsmiths in the country. New stock, Krieger barrel, rear-lugged, windage modified to ½ min. adjustments.  If you want a Clint Fowler quality rifle that has not been fired since Clint pulled the trigger, this is your only option. $2500. FIRM Contact Mike 336-298-7897 or Steve at 336 207-2287     070820

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