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Be aware that NC law requires either a permit to purchase issued by your County Sheriff or a NC Concealed Carry Permit in order to transfer ownership of a handgun.


Club Members, If you would like to post an item in the Shooter's Corner, contact Lil. Ads may be up to 100 words and two photos. Photos should be sent as attached files. Your contact information should be an email address. For your security I prefer not to publish home phone numbers. Ads will run for 6 months. If your item has sold, please contact me to remove the ad.              

FOR SALE: Thompson Centerfire Grayhawk percussion cap 50 Cal. black powder.  Iron sight with Peepsight rear. Is modeled after the Thompson Center Hawken. $125 Contact:    122819

FOR SALE: Ruger LCR .22 Caliber Revolver. Like new condition, $325.  Must have either concealed carry permit or purchase permit. Contact


FOR SALE: Redding .38 Special/.357 Mag Titanium Carbide Three-Die Set for sale for $50.00. 

Redding .357 Mag Seating Die and a Redding .357 Mag Expander die for $20.00 EACH.   112319



FOR SALE:  Ruger .45 Colt/.45 ACP -  convertible with 5-1/2 inch barrel.

Shoot either .45 Colt or .45 ACP by changing cylinders (included). Ruger box and paperwork also included. 
$525.  112319



FOR SALE: Redding Dual-Ring Carbide three-die set for .45 Colt. - The dual-ring design enables brass to last longer by not full length resizing the whole shell. $100.      112319

FOR SALE: Reloading Components -
Lyman Spartan press          $10
Lee Load-All 20 ga              $20
30 carbine brass 100+        $10
308 brass 100+                   $10
30-06 brass 100+                $10
30-30 brass 30count             $5
400 Corbon brass - dozen    $5
Sierra 30 cal 180gr spritzer  $5

$60 takes it all. 
Will be at December 8th Swap Meet

FOR SALE: MEC 9000GN 12-Guage Reloader vg condition with about 700 wads. $325. Contact Paul at  101019





FOR SALE: Ruger .38 Special Revolver, shot 50-75 rounds, $350.  REDUCED $325.







FOR SALE: Ruger Single Six Convertible .22  Shoots six .22 long rifles or six .22 magnums depending upon which cylinder you use.
Fully adjustable rear sights, factory manual and Ruger box included.
$475.  REDUCED $425. Contact    091419

FOR SALE: Glock 26 9mm Very good+ condition, Glock factory adjustable sights and extended slide release. Four magazines with Pearce extensions, box, paperwork and tools. Sell only, no trades. NCDL and purchase permit or NCDL and CCW. $450.

REDUCED $400. Contact     082619 122819

FOR SALE: Mossberg Model 500 12 Ga Pump with 28” Vent Rib barrel threaded for choke tubes and hardwood stock. It has a DU logo on the receiver. As far as I know it has never been fired since leaving the factory. I won it at a DU event and have never shot it. It has been sitting in my safe for years. $300    Contact:    073119


FOR SALE: Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP -  with tip-up barrel and three magazines. I have the original box and paperwork. It is in pristine condition but has been fired a few times. $300 - pistol permit or CHP required. Contact:    073119 

FOR SALE: H&K USP 40. -  40 S&W, 13 + 1 capacity with 5 (or 6?) magazines.  I have the original box. It is also in pristine condition but has been fired a few times. $695 -pistol permit or CHP required.

Contact:    073119 

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