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Be aware that NC law requires either a permit to purchase issued by your County Sheriff or a NC Concealed Carry Permit in order to transfer ownership of a handgun.


Club Members, If you would like to post an item in the Shooter's Corner, contact Lil. Ads may be up to 100 words and two photos. Photos should be sent as attached files. Your contact information should be an email address. For your security I prefer not to publish home phone numbers. Ads will run for 6 months. If your item has sold, please contact me to remove the ad.              

Wanted: Winchester A5, Lyman 5A, or early Lyman Targetspot scope with
Winchester/Lyman style mounts. Please contact Andy at 050317



For Sale: Sig Sauer 232sl, .380 semi auto made in Germany.                                              
LNIC $675.                            081817



For Sale: Lyman Spartan Single Stage Press and Lyman Vintage Powder Measure.  Good condition, light rust.  $75 for both, will not separate.  

Contact Brian at    081117

For Sale: 4 new boxes of 45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol) Lawman Ammo. Newly manufactured in the United States by Speer Lawman. Great for target shooting, plinking, or range training. Each round sports a total metal jacket bullet atop a boxer-primed brass casing, non-corrosive and reloadable. $15 per box, OBO.(It is usually $20-$25.) Contact Charlie at  or 336-339-3248                072117

For Sale: 300 Blackout Brass. This 300 Blackout brass that was converted from once fired Military auctioned and RCGC .223/5.56 brass mixed headstamps. LC,TAA,WCC,etc  It has also been full length resized, deprimed trimmed to SAAMI spec, primer pocket swaged, then tumbled in corn cob/walnut media. I have several bags for sale at $30 per bag (250+ per bag).  I will deliver to RCGC for free or USPS for a flat fee of $5 per bag.  Contact Rob at                                                           062717

For Sale: Ruger Gen 2 Precision Rifle chambered in .308.  Rifle is brand new in the box and has not been fired. Price is $1275. Contact at 336 634 3764 or email at                                                                                  062017   

For Sale: CZ 85 Combat 9mm. 4 mags, set of Lee carbide dies + factory crimp die, appx 1800 rounds reloads, Lee 125 gr 6-cavity mold, sizing die for cast bullets, appx 900 125gr powder coated bullets.
Also empty range brass. Asking $1100. for all.                030317

For Sale: CZ 1911Ai only 1000 produced 45ACP, less than 5000 rds fired, all PC cast appx 2000 rounds reloads, set of Lee carbide dies + factory crimp die, appx 1000 200gr cast PC bullets, appx 2500 empty range brass, Lee 6-cavity mold, 200 gr. Lee bullet sizing die. Asking $1500. for all.                                       030317 


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