Rules and Policies 

ID Cards - Membership ID Cards must be worn and visible at all times when you are on Club property. You must present your card to the reader every time you enter or leave the property, even if the gate is already open.

Dues - Dues must be paid by January 31st for that year. There is NO grace period. You may purchase as many years as you like at the current rate.

Lifetime Memberships may be purchased for 15 times the current dues rate, subject to Board approval.
After 1/31 the dues amount doubles. If the member wants to rejoin after December of that same year, the initiation process begins again.

Newsletter - The Club newsletter is available on the Club website. Newsletters will be mailed to all members only twice per year. It is the official publication of the Club and all rules changes, match schedules, range closings, etc. will appear in the newsletter. Please contact Jim or Lil Alverson at 336-342-5573 or with news, For Sale items and suggestions. 
Changes in Address, email, etc. - If you have any change in home address, email address or phone number, contact the Club Secretary as soon as possible, because the secretary maintains the Club membership database. You can phone, e-mail, or write the secretary.

Alcohol - Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED on our property. Persons found with alcohol or under the influence face suspension and or expulsion.

Smoking in Buildings - Smoking inside buildings is prohibited. This includes the screened porch at the Clubhouse.

Speed Limit - The Club is posted with a 10mph speed limit. You are asked to observe this speed limit not only for safety but to keep down dust. No one wants their gun or case covered with dust. 
Guests - Members are allowed to bring guests to the Club. If you are shooting pistol or rifle, you may bring 2 guests at a time. They must stay with you and you must supervise them individually on the firing line. This means you must be within arm’s length of your guest to prevent inappropriate gun handling. After three guest visits, excluding organized shoots, the individual is expected to join the Club before returning. 

For Skeet or Trap you may bring up to four guests at a time, since 5 shooters make up a squad. Again, you must supervise and make sure rules and safety regulations are followed. 

If you want to bring a larger group, you must apply for Board approval so we can arrange for additional safety officers to be present.


Trash - Receptacles are located at each range. Dumpsters for bulky items are located at the Pistol, Trap and Skeet ranges. We would appreciate your help emptying the trash cans.


Eyes and Ears - Vision and hearing protection are required on all ranges.


Targets, Brass and Hulls - You are required to remove your targets from the target boards, pick up spent cartridge cases from the bullet ranges and hulls from the shotgun ranges before you leave. Buckets are provided for spent shell cases (all metals). Do not put spent cases in the trash cans.


Harvesting Lead - You may not dig into the berms to harvest lead. You may pick it up by hand if it has been washed to the surface. Do not climb the berms or otherwise disturb the soil.


Automatic Weapons - Fully automatic weapons are not allowed on any range.


Crossbows - You are not allowed to shoot crossbows on Club property.

You may shoot PCCs in the Utility Pit and on the Centerfire Rifle Range. 


Rifle & Pistol Ranges - No centerfire rifles based on the .50 caliber BMG are allowed on any range. On the centerfire and rimfire ranges you may shoot only from the designated firing line. When a shooter needs to go downrange in front of the firing line for any reason, all shooters must open the actions on their rifles. When someone is downrange in front of the firing line, no one may handle any firearm. The centerfire and rimfire ranges have a string of red lights which should be turned on when someone goes downrange and turned off when it is safe to shoot. Shooting may resume only when everyone is safely behind the firing line and the red lights are off.
Shoot only at targets which are directly in front of you. No firing Cross-range.


Rimfire Range - The Rimfire Range is only for rimfire rifles and pistols. If you are seen using a centerfire weapon on the rimfire range, you may be expelled from the Club. .223 and 5.56 X 45mm ammunition are not allowed. The plinking pit will be closed during matches at the centerfire pistol pits.

Handicapped Parking - There is handicapped parking beside the benches at the centerfire range and at the utility pit. You must display a state issued handicap parking permit to park there. Others may use these areas to unload guns and gear but then must move their vehicle to an adjacent parking lot.

Multi-Use Pit (Utility Range) - The multi-use pit is a short distance range. It has target boards at 25 and 50 yards. It is for sighting in scoped rifles, open sight rifles, black powder firearms, and other firearm configurations which are too powerful to shoot in the pistol pits. There are three concrete benches under a shelter for shooting from a rest. No shooter may go downrange to shoot if someone is shooting from one of these benches. Shotguns and rimfire weapons are NOT allowed on this range.

Trap & Skeet Fields - Trap and skeet shooters are not to load their shotguns unless they are on a designated shooting station. Actions always remain open otherwise, even when walking to and from the field. Never load more than 2 shells at one time. It is common practice to load 2 shells when shooting skeet. Trap shooters should not load 2 shells unless they are shooting doubles.
Skeet shooters are not allowed to shoot at targets that are out of bounds. At Station #8 the target will pass you if you don’t break it quickly. You are not to turn around and shoot at it after it has passed you. This is a serious safety infraction.  
Unlike sporting clays shooters, trap and skeet shooters are allowed to shoot at each target only once. 

A round of trap or skeet is 25 targets regardless of where you shoot them. You owe for a round each time you shoot at 25 targets. If you shoot trap doubles, that is 50 targets and you owe for two rounds. 
Ammunition for clay targets: You are advised to shoot target ammo at trap and skeet. Most hunting loads are too heavy and recoil can be a problem. Trap is best shot with #7½ or #8. Skeet is usually shot with #9 but #8 is often used. Shot larger (a lower number) than #7½ is not effective for trap and skeet and is discouraged on these ranges. 
When you finish shooting clay targets: Return the release to the house. 
For Trap: Decock the throwing arm on each trap and turn OFF the pump. 
For Skeet: Unplug both cords. Do not decock; leave the switch in the ON position.
Refill the carousel for the next shooter. Completely break down the target boxes to flatten them and take them to the dumpster near the fields. Pick up your hulls. Fill in the log book at the field where you were shooting. Deposit your payment in the drop box at that field. Pay for Trap rounds and Skeet rounds separately. Do not combine payment for both ranges. Trap and skeet fees are kept separate for Club accounting. You, your spouse, and dependents pay club rate for clay targets; guests are charged more. NOTE: Members will be charged for their non-paying guests' rounds at the current guest rate. 


Patterning Shotguns - There is a pattern board next to the #3 high house on the Skeet Range, and to the east of trap field #6. DO NOT pattern shotguns on the Utility Range.


Club Matches - are open to the public. Range and Match Directors must make clear to match attendees:
     All Club rules must be followed.
     Non-members attending a match are restricted to the match venue.
     They are not at liberty to shoot on any other range and must leave the
     property when the match is over.
     A non-member may remain on the property only if he is a guest of a
     Any Club Officer or Range Director who blocks the gate OPEN is
     responsible to see that the block is removed and the gate is returned
     to normal operation after their event.


The Club Picnic - is held the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Privacy - To protect member privacy, applications are kept under lock and key. Out-of-date applications are shredded.

Club and Clubhouse Rental - Weekends are reserved for our members. The Club facilities may be rented during the week with 30 day’s prior written request and Board approval for $3,000/day. Rental of only part of the Club is available for a lesser cost.
Provisions must be made for an adequate number of Range Safety Officers (RSOs.) Renters are responsible for all target fees incurred and for clean-up.

These rules have been enacted to ensure the safety of all members and their guests.

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