From The President

Spring weather is here. All of the Ranges will see more use as members hone their firearms skills. Recent evidence has shown that some folks are still using rimfire guns in the Pistol Pits and shotguns on the Utility Range. These activities are prohibited. Don’t be the shooter who becomes the poster child for inappropriate behavior. Club officials will be monitoring what’s being fired on which range and won’t hesitate to stop violators. Please remember that rifle-caliber handguns and pistol-caliber carbines are not allowed in the Pistol Pits.

Misuse of the Ranges constitutes grounds for suspension or expulsion from the Club. So, read the signs, be aware of the rules, use common sense, be safe and have fun.  Jim    March 2017


Fellow Members, our Second Amendment rights are under siege as never before. Hillary Clinton has named the NRA-that's you and me-as her #1 political enemy. If her bid for the presidency is successful, we will face restrictions which have the potential to close our Club. Heaven knows that Trump is not ideal presidential material, but he has promised to support gun rights. I urge you to cast your vote for Trump in this election. By the way, please renew or upgrade your NRA membership, if you can. Whichever way the election goes the NRA will need your support to maintain its vigilance against an interfering government. Not an NRA member? Why not? No organization is perfect, including the NRA. But the NRA stands four-square to uphold the Second Amendment. Thank you for supporting RCGC and its ideals.


I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Jim Alverson
President RCGC

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