PISTOL PITS 1, 2 and are OPEN for the weekend.

 for Construction.

Members, always check here before heading to the Club. Bring other guns in case the range you were planning to use is closed.

Members, we always need your help. Please pick up trash and empty trash cans into a dumpster. For every hour you spend shooting try to spend another 10-15 minutes improving the Club. This is a volunteer organization.

                If you don't put it in         ......         THEY CAN'T TAKE IT AWAY!


The Board is looking for someone to take the position of Pistol Range Director. If you are willing, contact Jim at

Members, always be sure to present your card to the reader. When the gate is being held open for a match, orientation or other special event, it is still very important for you to let the card reader record the time when you enter and leave.

GATES - The electronic gate is working properly when it has power. Members, if your Gate Key/ID Card does not open the gate, contact 

Lock the manual gate at the main entrance with the padlock and chain ONLY if the electronic gate is not working.

The emergency manual gate with chain and padlock uses the same code as the other padlocks on the premises. It is located above the Rifle Range.
If you think you could be the last member on the property, drive around to be certain. Then check to be sure both gates are secure.  J&L

Shoot only at targets placed directly in front of you. No firing cross-range.

You must pick-up your spent cartridge cases. Place them in the buckets. 

You must remove your targets. Place them in the trash, or if they are large targets, directly in a dumpster. Please do not clog the trash cans.


Members - We need your help by obeying the rules yourself and also in helping to enforce them. If you notice unsafe or malicious behavior,  please speak to the individuals and remind them of the rules. If that does not work, get a name, vehicle ID and license number. Then contact any Club Officer, Board Member or Range Director. Their phone numbers are on the Directory page of this website. Offenders will be dealt with.

The reactive targets on the Rimfire Range and in the Plinking Pit are to be shot with .22s LRs ONLY

Shooting bottles and cans is expressly forbidden on ALL ranges!

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